3D Printing Service
  • Round Tripping 3D Printing Service

  • Free Checking for 3D Model file

  • Professional 3D printing consultation

  • Wide range of 3D printing materials and colors

  • Great material ensuring the printing quality

All 3D models are printed by Makerbot Replicator2. Materials are PLA.
Please specify the desired color in Email, otherwise all 3D models are printed in White.

3D Printing Service Process

First Step

Send us the 3D model and required size by Email.
*Email: [email protected]
*Please leave us your contact number and provide the 3D printing model( less than 20MB).
*We support most of the 3D modeling file format : STL,.PLY,.OBJ,.STP,.IGS, etc…
*We would provide FTP server for you to upload the 3D printing model if the file size is more than 20MB.
*Please feel free to contact us directly.

Second Step

Reply the quotation within 1-2 working days
*Free checking of the 3D model

Third Step

Confirm the printing invoice
*Payment and confirmation will be contacted by phone and Email.
*3D Model Printing will be finished in 5-7 working days after receiving payment and confirmation.

Forth Step

Delivery service are provided