Our Course

Advanced 3D printing and Basic Robotic Design (Secondary School)

This course is targeted for secondary school student. It includes training in 3D modeling, computer languages and the application and design of circuit broads. Student will use the above techniques to build a robot in groups. By using the 3D modeling software, computer languages and different electronic parts, they can learn the basic robotic design, and control their 3D printed robot.

Basic 3D modeling and Printing (Primary School)

This course is targeted for primary school student. They can learn the basic idea in 3D modeling and printing. They can build different product such as rings, nametag and glasses by using 3D modeling software and 3D printing techniques.

Introductory 3D modeling and printing (Kindergarten)

This course is targeted for kindergarten (K2-K3) student. They will be instructed to build different simple product and learn simple idea in 3D printing.