Introductory 3D modeling and printing (Kindergarten)

This course is targeted for kindergarten (K2-K3) student. They will be instructed to build different simple product and learn simple idea in 3D printing.

Application and Enquiry

Introductory 3D modeling and printing (Kindergarten)
Name of course Introductory 3D modeling and printing (Kindergarten)
Aim Instructed to build simple product using 3D modeling software and 3D printing techniques.
Introduction Targeted for K2-K3 student. Building simple product using simple 3D modeling software
  1. Enhance 3D, geometric, directional and logical thinking
  2. Color match thinking
  3. Inspire creativity
  4. Enhance their interest in 3D printing
  5. Learn basic concepts in 3D printing
Date of lesson 4 lesson in total
Course Duration 1.5 hours each
Venue School computer room or education center


  1. K2 to K3 student
  2. Able to use computer
Number of student Within 10-20 student
Software Free and open source 3D modeling software