Innovative Technology Education Course

3D Printing Training Courses (On Site Training)

  • Flexible course schedule
  • Monitoring by instructors during the course
  • Designed by Computer Science and Engineering instructors from University
  • Different levels of courses cater for needs of learners form different ages
  • Course content can be customized for each school
  • Certificate of completion will be given after the course

3D Printing Introductory Workshop

  • 3D printing pen drawing workshop
  • Increase understanding of 3D printing industry
  • Hands on production enhance the skill and knowledge of 3D printing and designing application
  • Design unique products by enhanced creativity

3D Printing and Mechanical Engineering Development Course

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  • Equip professional knowledge of 3D Model Design and printing
  • Enhance the skills of using 3D Modeling Software
  • Increase the competence of Computer Programming Language on machine with mobile phone technology
  • Increase cooperation and communication skill
Innovation 3D Product Service

3D Printing Service

  • Roundtrip 3D printing service
  • Free checking of 3D Model
  • Professional Technology Consulting
  • Wide range of 3D printing material
  • Great material ensuring the printing quality

3D Drawing and Design

  • Professional 3D product design and drawing
  • 3D Scanning Service (High resolution)
  • Professional 3D Animation production

3D printing equipment

  • Professional 3D printing equipment
  • 3D printing material
  • Free Consulting and quotation on purchasing equipment